Welcome to CCB Strategies, LLC!

We are a full service marketing communications company that works around the clock for its clients to ensure that their goals are achieved.  Our style is creative, strategic, and aggressive, our areas of expertise are varied, and our specialists are highly connected.

From the beginning of a relationship with CCB Strategies it is clear that our success is achieved by working hand in hand with our clients to produce pinpoint messaging and deliver it to the target audiences they want to reach.  Their goals are our goals, and achieving them is what drives us. 

Whether in the areas of Public/Media Relations and Corporate Communications, Sports/Consumer/Lifestyle/Event Marketing and Sponsorship Consulting, Media Training/Image Consulting, or Athlete Representation, clients can expect tailor-made execution.  We employ both creative out of the box thinking, as well as strategic, targeted approaches based on hard work, and honest communication. 

With access to our vital network of media, business, marketing, sports and general consumer industry contacts our clients know that CCB Strategies' reach goes far beyond the conference room, and far beyond our contemporaries.



                                                                   "...Developing and delivering your message...
                                                                                    ...Building brand identity, awareness and loyalty...
                                                                                                   ...Fostering strategic relationships and partnerships...
                                                                                                                     ...Meeting your goals, exceeding your expectations